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1. Jamaica

2. Cuba

3. Puerto Rico

4. Grenada

5. Guadaloupe

6. Windward Islands

Nestled between North and South America, the Caribbean is often overlooked by travelers.  The islands with their imposing slopes, white sand beaches, and azure waters conjure thoughts of pirates or spring breaks spent in a resort. Yes, pirates did frequent these little slips of paradise, and yes, you can sip a pina colada under a beach umbrella for a lovely few days, but we believe that the true island doesn't begin until you escape the perfectly manicured lawns and fruit trees.  These islands have unique cultures and histories and, while there may be uniting threads, each has something different to offer.  We can't wait to visit them all. 

A short hop from Florida, the Caribbean has become one of my favorite getaways.  I've spent numerous hours in the Ft. Lauderdale airport catching one of the amazing South bound flight deals Jet Blue airlines offers.  I don't know how the airlines got it's name, but as far as I'm concerted it's because they take you straight to the beautiful blue waters. 

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