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Anatomy of a Morning

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

It's 1:15pm as I sit down and grab a banana and big cup of cold water.  We just got back from our second surf session of the day.  

First Breakfast: Thanks for the picture Doug!

Things start early on the East Coast of Australia.  Ok in Australia in general; this place is set up to get people outdoors enjoying all that nature has to offer, but more on that later.  To beat the heat, wind, and crowds you have to be out the door by 6:30ish most mornings as we were on this one.  First breakfast of mango, coconut yogurt, sliced banana, and pomegranate seeds and off to check the surf.  Today we were in luck with chest high smooth waves peeling off multiple sandbanks at Birubi Beach.  Refreshingly cool water wakes you up all the way if you've been sleepwalking in these parts and the sun slowly rising thaws you out nicely.  If that doesn't work a visit to the camels on the far side of the sand dune will do the trick. Be careful, they spit!

I was to excited to take a picture, so this is from the day before on a windblown, messy day!

After twoish hours it was out of the water and back to the house for second breakfast (everything left in the fridge: eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, cheese, toast with vegemite, and of course coffee) and a stretch while packing and cleaning for the drive up the road.  If you have to get in the car and be tortured by driving from scenic headland overlooking a glorious sandy bay to the next headland overlooking a glorious sandy bay you may as well have another surf check before starting the arduous trek.  Go figure the waves had built back up with the incoming tide and had no crowds so out we went for another few hours.  That brings us to 1:15pm with the banana, wondering how so much had already happened and why it's so hard to get up early and be productive at home.  

Off we go up the road to Crescent Beach and it's first rate righthand point break in a nice protected cove.  It wasn't breaking when we arrived so we settled in at the Country Club for the vegetarian bar and did some people watching before hitting the hay to do it all over again.

The Falcon


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